About Us

Who are we

We are two passionate young adults that have been thinking how we can start a business that meets social needs and promote a better society. We noticed that the current status quo for handicapped individuals to travel from one place to another is very troublesome. Hence, we started care express to provide a hassle-free mode of transport to enable handicapped individuals to travel around easily. 

What we do

we provide transportation for people with limited mobility with our specialised vehicles.  We have buses that are installed with wheelchair-lift that allows wheelchair-bound individuals to easily access our buses. Our passengers do not have to get off their wheelchair from the moment they are out of their houses. 

Why we choose to do it

We had a vision. A vision to create a better tomorrow for the disabled people and the families that are supporting them. We want to spread inclusiveness in our society by solving an everyday-problem that handicapped people face; mobility. We want to help as many of these handicapped individuals improve their mobility. This enables them to reduce dependency on their caregiver and allows them to be independent and create pathways to opportunities for them.

Real Features:
– Wheelchair lift system installed at the back of bus to bring up the wheelchair onto the bus.
– Wheelchair locking system which anchors the wheelchair to the floor of bus during transit.
– We  pick our passengers up at the place which is most convenient for them and it is within our capabilities. For example, we can’t pick passenger up if they require us to enter basement carpark which height limit does not allow our buses to go in.
– Drivers are equipped with medical knowledge to assist our passengers if the need arises.
– Drivers are screened before hiring to ensure that they have the correct traits to be in this line of work. Drivers must have the passion towards serving people with special needs and empathise with our customers so that we can deliver excellent customer service.

– Convenient and safe 
– Satisfied customers
– Customers feel more comfortable and at ease when they use our service 

Our Mission is to provide services that enhance the mobility of the physically challenged, to empower them with greater independence, and to provide pathways to opportunities for them.

Our vision is to create a better tomorrow for the physically challenged and their families

Core values:
• Serve with Empathy
• Passion
• Commitment to service excellence
• Reliability 

Reliable, Safe & Convenient Transport Services for PWDs



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